@quietpoem dazzles us with her pictures in addition to telling us five things that nobody knows about her...until now.

By quietpoem

Name: Matilde

Username: @quietpoem

Age: 26

City: Rome (Italy)

What would you like to transmit with your photographs?

I try to tell my story and I really hope that everyone finds pieces of themselves in the pieces of me that I tell.

Five things about @quietpoem

1.My name is Matilde which means: Strong in war. Strength for battle. Ironically, I firmly believe that delicacy will save the world.

2.I love observing the world: it is constantly painting scenes, telling us millions of stories. When you take a good look at the world, you realize a feeling crawls beneath your skin, a heartbeat is trapped in your breath and you get an awkward gesture of happiness.

3.One of my dreams is to live in a little house near the ocean. I can imagine myself waking up in the morning, having my first coffee; feeling quiet, caressed by the symphony of the waves.

4.My favourite song is Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi. Divenire means "to become" and it's exactly what life means to me: a continuous movement, constantly changing.

5. The soul is the most important thing in life. Plato said: “The soul directs all things (...):will, consideration, attention, deliberation, opinion true and false, joy, sorrow, courage, fear, hatred, love..” And I really agree with it.