We introduce you Italy’s editor, @neumarc. Discover what he will be looking for from his new role.

By neumarc

For the next three months we will have the honor to see through the eyes of @Neumarc.

He will be the Italy’s editor and the responsible for curating the content of such section, deciding which users and photos will be highlighted in Huntgram.

Marco Gaggio is a 36 year old architect as editor he will combine his two passions: photography and his country: "I will try to look for beautiful photos, in my opinion, a beautiful photo is not only a technically perfect image, but an image with a story and emotion. I will get to show my beautiful country with a lot of ancient cities, architecture and amazing scenery between the sea and the mountains. I'll try to find photos that show all of this with clarity and sincerity, but especially with creativity." He explains.

As an architect, the first thing you look for in a photo is the geometry and composition. He loves symmetry, proportion and harmony. The mixture of pleasant tones of colors and a touch of nostalgia are indispensable for him.

Marco is a multitasking guy and now he adds more: being the editor of Italy. Always on the hunt for new things to do, he loves to travel the world, meet new friends and host them in his city. For him, they are the two necessary sides of the same coin.

If you want @Neumarc to choose any of your photos or find your user, use the hashtag #HuntgramItaly so he can find you!

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