@shurupchik marvels us with 'Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain', a staircase which resembles a rollercoaster, where passers-by get lost in its turns and its immensity.

By shurupchik

Name: Alexandra Kryaneva

Instagram Username: @shurupchik

Age: 29.

City: Dortmund (Germany)

What do you want to transmit with your photography?

I always look for something interesting in everyday routine. Through my photography I try to tell little stories about everyday life, my travels and the things which surround me.

About 1 and a half years ago, I moved to an area called Ruhr (Ruhrgebiet), located in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region of Germany. In the beginning and the middle of the 20th century, this was a highly industrial area with coal mines and famous German steel production. For this reason, most of the cities in the region were built to cater for industrial needs. Ruhr area is the most densely populated area of Germany, but at the same time, despite its industrial history, it is a great hub for arts and culture. When the steel production stopped, all former factories and mines were either demolished or transformed into museums, theatres, cultural/art centres or green areas. In my photo, you can see one of these 'transformations' - a landmark 'Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain', which was built for the Ruhr.2010 event, when the whole Ruhr area was chosen as a cultural capital of 2010. The landmark represents a smaller version of a rollercoaster, which you can walk on. It is located in the city of Duisburg and it is built on top of the former zinc factory by Heike Mutter и Ulrich Genth. This landmark is a popular place to visit and photograph. I tried to emphasize the airy outline of the construction observing it from a different angle. On the background, you can still see two industrial towers, which I tried to keep as the visualization of the former industrial might.

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