Learn more about the incredible Norwegian Instagrammer @lekestove’s habits when he uses Instagram.

By lekestove

Name: Marius Svaleng Andresen

Username: @lekestove and @_svaleng

Age: 25

Country: Norway

Occupation: Student/Freelance journalist

Hobbies: Photography (obviously), writing, travelling, exploring, going to concerts, walking, going to parties, drinking beer and socializing.

A fear: I have an irrational fear about missing out on things. I’m working on that.

Favourite music/band: Local Trondheim heroes Motorpsycho. If you haven’t listened to them, I insist you do.

How do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

Here, maybe, having gained a few pounds/kilograms and even, maybe, having a steady job.

What is a perfect day like? That's a hard one. Getting up, eating some hot breakfast, going for a walk with my girl, meeting friends, ending the night with a few beers and watching the sun set and eventually rise. It's got to be warm outside.

How would you define your style?

Well-composed, symmetrical where symmetry's due, minimal, minute. I really don't want to limit myself to what I can and cannot shoot in terms of categorizing. I'm versatile by nature.

What device do you use to take pictures?

I mostly shoot with my iPhone. I invested in a new DSLR last summer, so there's a few of my shots taken with that. I try to balance it.

What apps do you use to edit?

I've implemented both Snapseed and VSCOcam in my photo editing routine, and sometimes I top it off with Photoshop Express. SKRWT is the main app for editing distortions.

What are your favourite filters?

Maybe, VSCO is my favourite app. It depends on the situation.

Tips to take a great photograph

Composition is definitely key. Minding the light is important and it can be played around with. It depends on what you shoot. I usually think aesthetics over anything.

What does Instagram mean in your life?

Instagram has become a great incentive for shooting more. The immediate response is invaluable, and the inspiration you can find there is great.

Did you take photographs before Instagram?

Yeah, but when the photos just ended up on a memory stick or a computer for nobody to see it became hard to maintain a steady flow of photography. So I definitely shoot more now as an immediate effect of Instagram.

What place in the world would you like to shoot?

Hong Kong, the countryside in Norway or the skyscrapers in New York. No limits!

Favourite users

My girl @bluefaux for sure. @janove showcases my city in a great way. @nicanorgarcia and @peterchanur are great for architecture. @lindaberlin is a great all rounder. I could go on and on, but let's just end it here before anyone's feelings get hurt

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