@chockywoky is only 14 and one of the most interesting instagrammers of the culinary world. Meet him.

By chockywoky

Name: Charly K.

Age: 14

Username: @chockywoky

Country: Singapore

Favourite cooks: Chad Robertson (Tartine), Mandy L (Lady and Pups), Christina Tosi (Momofuku Milk Bar)IG Referents: @jonaskohh, @_foodstories_, @silverspies, @commoncomfort amongst many.

Singapore is interesting, especially its food, its colours, and its smells, and that’s what 14 year-old @chockywoky shows us. You may be surprised by his age in the same way we are. The truth is his photographs show every ingredient, every food perfectly, his artistic viewpoint dazzles the eyes. And however, this creative journey, started just one year ago: “I begun my food-centered instagram slightly over a year ago. Then, I had no idea what instagram was - at all, let alone knowing the meaning of 'hashtag' or anyone in the community. As of now, I'm still asking myself why I joined - though I believe that it was largely spurred by me seeking some form of positive feedback on my work as I was at a rather low point in my life then, as well as my love for exploration and art. It's been a very gradual process of self development from then till now - my photography, food styling, and of course, cooking. I've expanded from cooking to baking, as well as having begun a blog to document these recipes and some of my writings. Still, it's far more than the work I produce; it's about the community I've had the fortune to interact with: people with like-minded interests who inspire and motivate me to continue to push myself. Right now, my mission is to inspire others to pick up their spatulas and woks to get down and dirty in the kitchen. In other words, to get cooking, and better yet, to do so healthily. I seek to prove to others that age isn't an obstacle in the kitchen, nor is it to eat well and treat your body right.”