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Name: Lucas Sigurdson

Username: @oldmansiggy

Age: 21 years old

City: Genoa, Ohio

Favorite artist/role models: Eric Ward, @littlecoal; Adam Elkins, @bigmanjapan; Jeremy Allen, @jeremysallen; Shawn Thompson, @srt4shawn; Tony Ciampa,@emolabs

Best landscape:

The Oak Openings Region in Swanton, Ohio

Lucas Sigurdson is a college student, an adventurer, a photographer and a writer. "Treasuring memories and pursuing your dreams, that's what life is about. We live in a beautiful world, and it is a pleasure to share my vision with you" Through his photography, he seeks to generate an impact on others and share his thoughts. Every photo has a story behind it.

"I feel most at home in nature, I feel connected and I forget concerns" @oldmansiggy tells us and adds that the main character in his photos is, almost subconsciously, nature. He loves to choose, edit and share these photos on Instagram because they are a big part of who he is.

Undoubtedly his favorite place is the "Oak Openings Metropark" in his town, Swanton. "It is a beautiful region consisting of many rare plants and animal species, as well as wonderful landscapes and tree groves" Luke tells us that there is a place that local people and tourists call "The Spot", which has its own name on Instagram: #thenwohiospot.

Instagram helped him find his inspiration, it changed his life. The instagram community grew his passion for photography, his life would be very different without it.

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