Photographer, jazz singer and writer - a combination of talents that make @sezgiolgac an admirable artist.Get to know Istanbul with her personal touch or just travel the world at just a glance!

By sezgiolgac

@sezgiolgac is a person made up of images, music and words. With a passion for traveling the world and a great talent for portraying it, she shows us her city displaying the best. Wander around Istanbul with this multifaceted photographer that will take your breath away, discover what inspires and motivates her to get out and explore.

First name: Sezgi

Username: @sezgiolgac

Age: 37

City: Istanbul


Freelance photographer, jazz vocalist and copywriter


Travelling, taking walks in the city, watching movies, reading books & magazines

Why do you choose to portray your city?

It is impossible not to portray Istanbul. It's full of historical and architectural landmarks and quite photogenic thanks to the amazing views of the Bosphorus and of the Golden Horn. Half of it stands in Europe and the other half stands in Asia. Moreover, it is an enigmatic mixture of different cultures, civilisations and different lifestyles. Istanbul never ceases to amaze me.

When you take a picture, what do you want to convey?

I think I'm usually trying to freeze a moment in time or to keep a place that I love in my mind (and viewers' sight) forever. I don't 'think' too much while I'm shooting in the streets, instead I usually listen to my intuitions. If something catches my eye and touches my heart, then it is worth pressing the shutter.

What are your favorite places in your city?

Galata, Karaköy and Balat are some of my favorite neighbourhoods in the city.

What does this city mean to you?

It is where I’ve spent half of my life and what I call home. Other than the cliches like being built on 2 different continents, I love that it is full of zillions of adorable cats! It is cat lovers’ paradise. Sadly it is currently seen as a war zone from other parts of the world because of the sad events which have occurred lately but Istanbul should not be associated with hate or violence. It is the only place in Turkey that I want to live.

How Instagram affected your personal life and your relationship with your city? Did it change something in your profession?

Instagram changed my life in so many ways. It pushed me to discover my city more and more everyday. Trying to find new ways of seeing the same habitat I live in and explore new aspects of it has been a great challenge. I have also met many wonderful talents from around the world and got to know about their cultures.

What proposals have you received on this channel?

Sometimes I make collaborations with brands and I always try to pick the ones that really mean something to me. The collaborations related to photography and travel are amongst my favourite ones.

Tell us about your experience in Cuba... How was it like? What did you feel? What did you learn?

It was the most unique travel experience I had. It is not very easy to put your feelings into words after visiting Cuba. It's a fascinating country but their life is so very different from our lives. The colorful nostalgic cars, exquisite architecture, the locals' infinite joy of living goes hand in hand with many hardships of daily life. Visiting Cuba is a bittersweet experience but I believe everyone should have this experience once in their lives.

How did you finance your trip? Instagram helped on it?

I went to Cuba with a travel agency (Patika Travel) and shared my experiences on my Instagram gallery. So this collaboration helped me to finance a big part of my travel. I also stayed a few days more and financed this period by myself.

What do you look for in every city that you visit? Where do you find inspiration?

I love vibrant cities, especially the ones where architecture, colours and art is blended with history. I love shooting people's relationship with the architectural structure of the city. I also love exploring charming small towns all over the world. Colourful and pretty corners in every city give me immense pleasure so, I love shooting examples of street art, quirky cafes or storefronts.

What other place in the world would you like to photograph?

Recently I travelled to Italy and it was an amazing experience. In Europe there are still cities I haven’t visited yet, such as Paris, Amsterdam and Lisbon. One day I’d like to visit and photograph India and Morocco as well.