This charismatic photographer shows us with her work that daydreaming is possible, that happiness is a goal that we can achieve ourselves if we want, and a person who invites us to be more creative and to seek what we really like. Meet @letizilla and let your imagination fly away.

By letizilla

Cutting, pasting, painting, playing with art and imagination, @letizilla makes every picture a moment of happiness. Capturing the most cheerful colors that surrounds her, her images invites us to enjoy the little things and to look for the beauty of the everyday stuff. A complete artist who makes of Instagram a diary of life where she acquires to get dump her emotions, interests and infects us with all her joy. Know what inspires and motivates her to overcome every day and how she grown up as an artist and as a person by Instagram’s hand.

Name: Leticia Ramos

User: @letizilla

Age: 27

Hobbies: Movies, photography, illustration.

When and how did you start with photography?

One of the subjects I craved in college was photography.

However, this was a total failure, because the teacher did not help my interest to increase.

There spent two semesters more when I got the stuff of Advertising photography, which came to love; a different teacher, helped me to create, and to look beyond what may be a simple photograph.

This was what I really wanted to do, create scenarios for products, design, edit and create an advertising image; I would have found what really fascinated me.

When I graduated, I found work with a photographer; excited and happy I started to learn a little bit of camera and editing.

Unfortunately this photographer was devoted to the social picture, which did not fill me.

That's why when I got Instagram, it was like a miracle for me, for me it is more than an application, it is a tool where I have been able to express the way I want, and I always wanted.

How would you define your style? How did you build it?

I started with the typical photographs of doors and windows, flowers and beautiful landscapes.
Suddenly I found my theme, full color, using my profession and exploiting my creativity.
Making things look most fun, beautiful and colorful.
For me the most important thing in my work is aesthetic, I love to create objects or artifacts for my images, whether shoes confetti, colorful thread lenses, skirt balloons or streamers palettes; I'm always thinking what can I create for my gallery, something that motivates me every day and that really fascinates me.

For me it is easier to do something that you really like, (regardless of the opinions of others) to do something you do not like just to fit in.

I really love what I do, my style, my work defines me as a person, as a woman and as creative; I am an admirer of fine arts, because I grew up with classical music and art books; recognized as Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Chagall and Remedios Varo, artists are my influence to become an artist.

Hence I take a phrase I've always carried with me and always work on my pictures:

"Life is too short to live in grayscale" - Vincent Van Gogh.

What inspires you?

In my life I have several inspirations.

One of them will always be music, The Beatles (my favorite band) or classical music, will always be in me.

Usually there is no day that I do not listen to music, and that's what makes me daydream, imagining a thousand situations with the lyrics, melodies and rhythms.

It's what moves me and makes me reaffirm the feeling I have every day; I like to say that it is the engine that drives my imagination.

Public words motivate me a lot, it's something that has no comparison; receive the message from a person telling you that your work inspires and is happy just see it, is the best gift and compliment I've had, serving as motivation to keep going.

But the real inspiration I have are two artists who are always with me; my parents.

Who created a woman who was able to develop their skills, thanks to their hard work and dedication; I grew up admiring them, as if that were not enough, thanks to them I am who I am, I owe everything to them, that is why they are and will always be my inspiration.

What do you want to convey in your photos?

Using color psychology in my images, I try to send a message say, "subliminal" and positively to society, values that today messages in Mexico and around the world are missing and it is very important rescue.

My captions are sometimes quotes from historical figures of art, or simply motivational phrases, because I think the color is something positive we have in our life, and that goes very hand in hand with my work.

Besides I consider myself a very sentimental person, too romantic and dreamy, and I show part of that whole character on what I write.

Tell us about the people appearing in your photos... Are they friends?

There is nobody in my gallery that is not a person I do not know; absolutely all of them have a very special place in my heart, especially my twin sister @poliharrison that has helped me to be my model during this time I've been in Instagram.

However there are two people who have not been on my gallery and I want to, because thanks to Instagram I met them, and today they two are the perfect definition of the word "friendship" @mimivelarde @la_mayte

Do you work alone or in teams? Who are they?

Really I work alone.

I work Monday through Friday, it have me busy almost all day, and it takes me a lot in making my photographs, but use that time to put on my headphones, and start sketching the next images to be part of letizilla or helps me a lot to the part of the issue.

Arrive Friday night, and sometimes I stay at home to prepare what the next day will I need for my photos, cutting, pasting; end filled with confetti, and my room seems to be a mess, but at least I have my idea come true.

And when Saturdays and Sundays, let's get to work!, I start putting my small stage, I put music blaring and placing an object by object, sticking my cardboards for use of background.

Really I do it all alone, but when it comes to a very far-fetched idea, my mother always supported me, cutting or pasting, or watching as I can make it even easier.

My twin sister, Gabriela, who as I said before is my role model because for me, she is perfection in my gallery.

Thanks to them, they have given me the necessary help to Letizilla go ahead.

How did you get to Instagram?

One day my cousin, (June 2013), which everyone knows as @xuzzi, mr. Pink called on Instagram, mentioned the word "Instagram" and I started to know the operation and genius of this application.

Unfortunately at that time I did not have a cell to which you could download instagram, so I waited to an extra pay in my work, and on January, Day 4, (on my birthday), I downloaded the application.

I was very happy, beginning to take photos like everyone; typical selfies, photos of pets, beautiful moments, etc.

My gender changed when I saw that they all came up the same type of photo, so I started to make more elaborated photos, some artistic. That's where the real letizilla begins her story.

Do you think that social networks have changed or affected your personal and professional life?

The truth is I am very happy, because thanks to Instagram, I have developed as a designer, as a creative; because I do not think I would have gotten this far without the help of this wonderful social network.

For me it is more than an application, it is a tool where I can express the way I want, and I always wanted.

And that's not all, by this means, I have met wonderful people, talented people from different states and countries, of different ages and different tastes.

By Instagram, I have had the most rewarding experiences of those who mourn happy to make; I've taken my best to get on with my job, doing it everyday a little bit better.

Instagram has made me grow as a person, as creative, as a designer, as a professional.

By this I mean that if used in a good way a social network, you can open many doors, developing the skills we have, doing what we like not only for our own benefit, but also for others.

I also want to say that all this started when I spent time myself; because I had months before ended a long relationship when Instagram came to me the biggest opportunity I've had; to find myself and realize that I have the ability to create, imagine and dream.

People come and go, for some reason come and go, those who stay are people who have to assess, as the great opportunities that life is giving us.

I am very happy with all the results that I had to believe in myself, for letting things and people in the past and focus on what I really want, and I have.

My family, my friends, and my creativity.

What is your favorite photo? Why?

The truth is that I could not say which one is, because all are a very important part of my take, and all have a time commitment. I love my gallery, for me are all my favorites.

What place in the world or famous person would you like to photograph?

I would love to go to Spain, and France. Those are two countries with which I have dreamed to go, and find color at those places will not be difficult.

I would love to take pictures of Paul McCartney, I love his music and him. <3

And if one could, Natalie Portman and Emma Watson, who are two women I admire greatly, because both are successful people around the world that not only are dedicated to cinematography, but also dedicated to contributing to society.

Tips to get a good photograph.

I think the best I can say is to do what you really like, to photograph your style without imitating anyone, without fear of criticism; be spontaneous and creative.