Naked art


Not only are artistic nude photographs widely accepted by society but also their presence is growing in the media, advertising and social networks. Instagram, however, has strict policies on the content which is posted.


Throughout history, nudes have been present in all artistic manifestations. From its more mundane aspect related to eroticism to its more spiritual side connected to an ideal of beauty, artists have used nudes to express themselves for centuries. Hence, nudes have been academically classified as a work of art.

Nudes are currently widely accepted by society, and their presence is growing in the media, advertising and social networks. Nudes have grown to become an iconic visual element for men and women today.

Instagram, however, has strict policies which censor some images and videos that are uploaded. As a result, the authorities ban certain images when considered to display "inappropriate" content.

The photographer @gotlib, for instance, uploaded a picture of a naked woman in a natural landscape, nevertheless, this picture soon disappeared. "The photo that I posted was eliminated twice by Instagram, it remained on the platform only after my third try".

Despite the picture’s obvious artistic tone, this does not seem to meet the Instagram community’s criteria.

"I noticed that the picture had been erased, I think it's an artistic photo, however, not at all provocative, in fact, it could be an exhibition photo. I think it is something that does not offend anyone" Agustín said about his photo ban.

While the content posted on the platform needs to be regulated, which is logical and correct, it is still surprising that this kind of nudes are censored while other publications that encourage violence and objectification are allowed. The platform has pictures of teens in provocative poses, animal abuse and guns among other topics that are outside the platform prohibitions.

"Instagram has always been a place where an artistic community was born, to some extent, these bans stop the possibility to express ourselves fully. In fact, I’ve received many messages from people in the community who also disagreed with my photo ban in Instagram" Agustín went on to explain.

Another controversial case regarding censorship on the platform was generated by the #freenipple campaign where women around the world, including some celebrities, posted photos of themselves naked in order to protest against this kind of censorship and the objectification of women.

It is worth noting in @gotlib’s picture that there is an attempt to show without being explicit, to exploit sensuality without getting into the realm of vulgarity, in the end, it is just the pursuit of an artistic photo.

Clearly, this will be an ongoing discussion, and while many are wondering if they want to be part of a platform which unfairly bans content and the human body, Instagram has made statements on the situation arguing that the situation will not change in the near future.

What do you think about this?

Photo credits:

1. @marielleko_

2. @jadebeallphotography

3. @fabsgrassi

4. @nude_yogagirl